meHOGn water projects

  ceo meHOGn projects

The photograph above is ENGRmeHOGn water projects, has a large span of experts and professionals to handle your water projects job.  See meHOGn now on Youtube meHOGn, handle your water projects Office: Suite 116, Ijaiye Shopping plaza, Lagos +234(0)7038145269, 08023276313

watersachet and bottle

The complete factory cost NGN 5 million and above, depending on the financial capability of the Owner of the Business



crew men4

Water factory design 2012 project

Chyda water factory, Lagos  construction in progress, 2010 project code 01-10

meHOGn field engineers and senior professionals the factory. Day 4

IMG0003A logo meHOGn Group

Project pre-inspection 2011 view youtube: meHOGngroup

Senior Engr. Accessing the performance of the system.

mesh at site

Site work still in PROGRESS


BB water factory project- Reverse Osmosis 2006.  Do you need to set up a RO water treatment? This is your last bus stop.


Home water purifier project H0034. It is a 4-stage treatment process, including UV light to destroy, every known and unknown micro-organism.  This is simple home units that will motivate you to stop buying bottle water for home use.   It produces very high quality water.  It is NGN100,000.  You can cut your water budget by 80%. This is an incredible offer.


Total water factory project -code T001.  This plant is complete. Equipped RO, Steam Distillation components.  Value NGN15 million.

george in the alex installation8

Project 90% complete. While inspection still goes on.

  george in the alex installation4

meHOGn project Akqua-1 2011. Senior Engineer, looking for standards after the technician job.

meHOGn Proeject-123 pipeline mapping.   

water machines 4  

For Trainings

water purification  for schools

Schools water treatment projects, that is very cost effective.

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