What meHOGn stands for

the ceo



meHOGn,  believe that the success of an water organization is based on the foundation of outstanding quality, excellent customer service and innovation.

meHOGn have focused our expertise on the designing and engineering of Purifying Drinking water, Industrial water Treatment and Waste water Treatment Plants.Our mission is to produce premium quality products such as Water Treatment Plants, R.O. Plants, Seawater Desalination Plants and Waste Water Treatment Plants, for the benefit of our clients. Our mission is to improve the quality of our products and come out with better quality products to maximize our clients’ satisfaction.

about meHOGn

meHOGn Pursuit of Excellence

Quality is a hallmark of meHOGn product.  meHOGn do not compromise on quality front in manufacturing of Drinking Water Purification Equipments. Our special training module, developed for our employees, helps in producing premium quality Water Purification Equipments including Seawater Desalination Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants . meHOGn crew of experts ensure that the best quality Water Purification Equipments including Ozonators, UV Sterilizers and Cartridge Filters are offered to our clients. meHOGn have attained a place of respect for ourselves through our services and we are aspiring to reach the acme of perfection.technical drawing

meHOGn Facilities

meHOGn possess a well equipped unit which is backed by state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated machines. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who have a vast experience in their sphere of operations. We possess team of experienced fitters, welders, electrician & technicians to repair any equipment, pumps, electrical & instruments of the system. Considerable inventory is stocked for almost all related equipments, components, spares and parts, available in emergency situation. Senior level engineers in all discipline and experienced field staff are available immediately to solve any problem and for effective troubleshooting. We are constantly striving to come out with new innovations to provide you with better quality products.


meHOGn is a trusted name in the water business in Africa. meHOGn appreciates her high profile clients for offering premium quality products. The overwhelming response of meHOGn clients has encouraged meHOGn to elevate her standard of excellence.

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